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Traits & Titles for Aspiring Dons

Hi everyone! Thanks for joining us today to learn more about all the wonderful systems we have in store for The Commission 1920! Today we’ll be covering Traits and the Title System!

When you’re expanding your criminal enterprise, it’s important to get the right guys for the job. Each of your units has a trait, which can provide a variety of effects. For instance, a soldato with the “Cheat” trait will provide 25% additional profit for gambling rackets in their assignment… at the cost of drawing more police attention! The range of the effect scales with the rank of the unit as well. A trait belonging to a Soldato may influence rackets in their assigned neighborhood, but a trait belonging to the Don will affect the entire family!

While most units receive traits at random, you can also select a trait for your Don at the start of the campaign. Each of the 5 families has 2 options for traits, giving you 10 choices in total! For example, the Don of the Rocca family can start with “Bloodthirsty” or “Paranoid”. Will you choose the former, and build an empire on violent rackets? Or will you choose the latter, and focus on gathering intel?

In addition to traits, your caporegimes can also acquire titles. These include prestigious roles such as “Underboss”, which allows your caporegime to command extra units. While the caporegime in question will be quite pleased to receive a respectable title, be careful of their jealous peers… Each title can only be assigned to 1 caporegime at a time, and other eligible caporegimes will become disloyal!

Some other titles include the “Consigliere”, who provides legal defense for your family, and the “Political Greaser”, who boosts your political influence by schmoozing in rich neighborhoods. Each family also has exclusive access to their own title. For example, the Calessi can grant the title of “Commission Emissary”, who gains reputation faster than other units. Be sure to experiment with these exclusive titles when trying a family for the first time!

We hope you enjoyed today’s article. If you have any questions feel free to comment below or reach out to us on our Discord.


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