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Rackets for Inspiring Dons

For the up-and-coming dons of New Shore, the most important thing to understand is racket investment. There’s a whole host of illegal activities one can pursue in the name of profit. These activities are called rackets and come in all varieties.

The first step to racket investment is picking a location.

Each neighborhood in New Shore is slightly different. Some are small, some are large, and some are in between. Likewise, the population of each skews lower or upper class. Picking the right racket for each neighborhood is the key! For example, a mugging racket will be most effective in an upper-class neighborhood. No point in picking empty pockets, right?

Once you have a soldato nice and settled in a neighborhood, you can order them to make investments on the family’s behalf. Each neighborhood has room for a limited number of investments, shared between each family. While it’s tempting to invest all over New Shore, you’ll also need to defend your investments from enemy units.

Investing heavily in a few key neighborhoods can be an effective tactic, especially if you are playing as the Bogiana family. You can make up to 3 additional investments into an existing racket. Each investment will not only increase profit but also makes it more difficult for enemies to destroy your rackets. With enough investments, you can also unlock perks that affect all rackets of the same type, across the map!

Profit is the main goal of any racket, but some rackets offer other unique benefits! Rackets such as gambling Dens and speakeasies boost the recruitment of your caporegimes. Others such as butcher shops and money laundering will deter police from making arrests.

We hope this gives everyone an insight of how rackets work! Thanks for joining us. Have questions or want to keep in touch? Follow us on social media @TheCommissionOC or join our newsletter. Help support the game by giving it a wishlist on steam!

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