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The Commission 1920: Welcome to New Shore

Hi everyone! Thanks for joining us in our Commission 1920 blog series. Today we’ll be sharing information about the new map and going into details about the boroughs.

The city of New Shore is comprised of 5 boroughs, each with 8 neighborhoods. The divides between these boroughs go beyond lines on a map. Ask citizens of each borough what the city means to them, and the sharp contrasts of their lives become self-evident.

If you asked someone from Dreyer Square, they would say that New Shore is a city of opportunity. Whether you are already wealthy and educated, or someone looking to hit it big, the abundance of New Shore is yours for the taking… if you have the right connections. Whether you take the stage at the Theater District, or mingle with the politicians who make their home in Shore Bay, there are many roads to riches to choose from.

Someone from Rochester would see things differently. To them, it’s not what you have, but what you’ve built. Business magnates and their heirs have shaped Rochester since the 1800s. While “old money” remains a powerful influence in the neighborhoods of River Pines and Valton, it remains to be seen if crime and temptation will corrode this legacy.

East Cushman citizens will sing the praises of city officials. They commute to Dreyer Square for work, and come back to their families in the evening. The New Shore police take great pride in making sure this borough’s citizens can sleep soundly at night… and will do anything to protect that reputation. For whatever reason, they seem to look the other way in the affluent Lewis Gardens…

You may get some strong opinions from a citizen of Fordham. Having once been a major industrial center, it never recovered from a factory fire that swept across the borough. Brick by brick, the residents of Ragi Lane and other downtrodden neighborhoods continue to rebuild. However, city bureaucracy quashes their efforts, seeing the borough as a lost cause. This has left the door open for other enterprising individuals to reach out…

Finally, the hard workers of West Cushman would have many stories to tell. Some are ex-Fordham residents who are grateful to find work. while others are resentful of the growing class divide. Both would confirm the rumors of illicit activity. The many warehouses and docks of the Industrial Basin are perfect for mafia operations.

Thanks for joining us this week! If you’re interested in The Commission 1920 you can now wishlist it on steam.

As always we’re interested in hearing what you think! What other topics would you like us to cover?

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