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Meet the Family: Roberto Rocca

In today’s “Meet the Family” highlight we are featuring the Rocca family.

The Rocca family is a dangerous family that has no qualms about engaging in high-risk rackets (illegal activities) and killing those who get in their way. The Rocca family faces perpetual inner turmoil, but no one can deny their influence over the city. Nearly everyone knows someone who fell victim to the senseless violence of the Rocca family’s machinations.

Roberto Rocca

Roberto Rocca is the Don of the mafia family. The most hated man in New Shore, whose name is spoken in whispers even by politicians. There are plenty of rumors about his sudden rise to power within the Rocca family. He’s known for holding grudges when someone harms his subordinates, though one could hardly call them “life-long”, given the swift enacting of his revenge.

Roberto prefers to invest in Gentlemen’s clubs, Narcotics, and Robbery. You’ll find the Rocca family lurking around West Cushman. You’ll find that they are more likely to pick fights in neighborhoods based on hostile relations and likely to attempt assassinations.

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