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Meet the Family: Jacopo Junio

In today’s “Meet the Family” highlight we are featuring the Junio family.

The Junio family is a boisterous family that is largely comprised of immigrants from the old country who settled in 1890s Fordham. They specialize in low-end rackets that don’t take much time or investment. They seem to find profits in places other families would deem a waste of time. They are the ever-present underdogs of New Shore.

Jacopo Junio

Jacopo Junio is the Don of the Junio family. The Junios often seem less like an organized crime syndicate, and more like a family bickering at the dinner table. Jacopo just happens to be the one who can yell the loudest. He wants the Junios to be more than “just another nuisance”, and is constantly meddling in the affairs of the other families. Whether he has a master plan, or is just poking the hornet’s nest, is anyone’s guess.

The Junio’s prefer to invest in rackets like hijacking, insurance fraud, and numbers.The family is more likely to choose policies that benefit poor and large neighborhoods. They also tend to ignore enemy occupation when picking neighborhoods.

Thanks for joining us in today’s highlight! We can’t wait to introduce you to the last Don…don’t worry he won’t whack you.

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