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Meet the Family: Benny Bogiana

In today’s “Meet the Family” highlight we are featuring Benny Bogiana.

The Bogiana Family prides itself on running as an actual business. You could say the family is loaded. They’ve established deep ties with the politicians of New Shore, and specialize in high-end rackets like Casinos, loan sharking, and protection. You’ll often see them hanging around Dreyer Square, their favorite borough. The Bogiana family often take their success for granted, leaving their guard down, a key weakness that is exploited by other families.

Benny Bogiana

Benny is a man of wealth and taste and his policies reflect that, he chooses policies that benefit both small and rich neighborhoods. He’s also more likely to invest heavily in a handful of neighborhoods at a time. His signature trait is earning income for the family, nothing takes better care of the family than good business. Am I right?

Soldato’s in the Bogiana family tend to be more powerful in neighborhoods with existing friendly investments. Caporegimes also allow for bigger investments than other families. Oh, and Benny, of course, increases profits for each additional racket type that the family has invested in.

“Gotta take care of our own right?” – Benny

For the don of the Bogianas, crime is an investment like any other… and he certainly has a diverse portfolio. When people are open about what they want, and will pay any price to get it, is that not the most “honest” business of all? Maybe what he supplies to New Shore is less than ethical, but the never-ending demand is his vindication.

Thanks for joining us in today’s highlight! We can’t wait to introduce you to the other Don’s…don’t worry they won’t whack you.

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