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Meet the Family: Charlie Calessi

In today’s “Meet the Family” highlight we are featuring the Calessi family.

The Calessi family is known for their code of honor and respectable operation (for a crime family at least). Their strategy reflects having strength in numbers, and they have an ever-growing network of connections and associates throughout New Shore. Historically, they have maintained the strongest reputation within the Commission out of the five families.

Charlie Calessi

Charlie Calessi is the Don of the Calessi family and he is the youngest Don in the Commission. The recent assassination of his father has left him with big shoes to fill, but he’s ready to rise to the occasion. While he still has much to prove, he’s determined to make goofs of the naysayers and take New Shore by surprise with some pivotal aces up his sleeve. He’s already shown signs of being a natural leader, and he easily understands what motivates people. His straightforward style is often confused for naivety, but that’ll end up being your problem, not his. As far as he’s concerned, there’s no need to mince words with powerful numbers on your side.

The Calessis are as favorable as a crime family comes, but don’t mistake them for heroes. They gain reputation more quickly than other clans, which leads to faster family growth. Strength in numbers, remember? This family also tends to receive a little something extra for their Commission ranking.

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