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Meet the Family: Dante Danano

In today’s “Meet the Family” highlight we are featuring Dante Danano.

The Danano family prefers to stay out of sight and out of trouble. They try to avoid getting involved in conflicts, but that shouldn’t be mistaken for pacifism. The Danano family’s influence on city politics and the media should not be underestimated. If you wrong them, you’ll find yourself with the whole city turned against you.

Dante Danano

Dante is a soft-spoken person and is unassuming. Dante doesn’t give the impression of being a criminal, let alone a mafia boss. The Dananos are the ones really pulling the strings in New Shore, and the fewer who know that, the better. He’s woven a web of blackmail, deception, and various other contingency plans to keep his family’s unsavory practices out of the limelight.

When a beautiful rose starts to outgrow the garden, you don’t salt the earth…you clip that one rose and introduce it to its own thorns, preferably as the whole rosebush watches. - Dante Donano

The Danano family can be found hanging in the Rochester Borough and is known for investing in gambling dens, extortion and money laundering. They are also more likely to invest in neighborhoods that have low heat or enemy occupation. Of course, taking advantage of political favors to interfere with enemies as well.

Thanks for joining us in today’s highlight! We can’t wait to introduce you to the other Don’s…don’t worry they won’t whack you.

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