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The Commission 1920: Map Updates

Hi everyone! Thanks for joining us today to learn more about all the wonderful systems we have in store for The Commission 1920! Today we’ll be covering some major map updates we’ve done.

One thing you’ll notice if you’ve played the original Commission is the updated map. New players and veterans alike will spend much of their time looking at this bird’s eye view of New Shore.

Map (Neighborhood Zoom)

Like in the previous game, the city of New Shore is divided into 5 boroughs, which are themselves composed of 8 neighborhoods each, for a total of 40. As your family expands, you’ll need to likewise expand your operations into these territories. It would be nice to see which territories are occupied by the enemy families as well…

Map (Neighborhood Zoom)

Oh wait, you can! Based on player feedback, we added a convenient overlay to show territory occupation. Unlike other strategy games, the Commission 1920 doesn’t have the concept of “owning” territory. Rather, multiple families can invest in the same neighborhoods and boroughs. Despite this, it’s still handy to know who has the majority presence in each neighborhood, and whether an area is contested or not.

Map (Racket Zoom)

In addition, zooming in further will let you peek at the investments in each neighborhood. If you’re in the police chief’s pocket, you can persuade him to focus their attention on your opponent’s rackets…

Zoom in on East Cushman

Neighborhood Zoom

While the layout and functionality of the map have been adjusted from the previous game, we also took this opportunity to make aesthetic improvements as well. The map now features more of an Art Deco inspiration, with ornamentation that brings it in line with the UI style. We also wanted to make the road placement and neighborhood boundaries feel less arbitrary. We hope that the new map serves you well as you plan out your conquest of New Shore’s underworld!

We hope you enjoyed today’s breakdown of the map updates in The Commission 1920! If you have any questions feel free to comment below or reach out to us on our Discord.

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