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Commission 1920: Political figures and bribing

In the underworld of New Shore, you’ll face fierce competition from opposing dons. When you’re working in the shadows, it’s easy to forget that some of your best assets are in broad daylight. There’s a group that can be called upon to swing the odds in your favor…

The leaders and defenders of New Shore itself.

With political figures such as the mayor and police chief on your side, you’ll be able to meddle with your opponents in unexpected ways.

With their stated objective of keeping the city safe, the obvious question comes to mind. How can you get these people on your side? Thankfully, the world is not so black and white. Bribery and flattery will get you far with this crooked crowd.

In the previous version of The Commission, bribes gave a one-time boost to influence, to be spent on political favors. Now, bribery is more about building a lasting relationship. When you start bribing someone, you’ll slowly gain influence. However, you better keep that kickback coming to each turn, or that influence will be going down the drain!

To go further into the world of corrupt politicians is to stumble upon a plethora of political favors that they can do for you, so long as you pay them for said favors. These favors include:

  • The mayor’s “Back Channels”, which can help with recruiting in a pinch.

  • The police chief’s “Diversion”, which reduces heat in a neighborhood.

  • The district attorney’s “Discarded Evidence”, which buys time and reduces a subordinate’s chances of singing as they are in jail.

  • …and many more!

If you really want to push your political connections further, here are some tricks:

  • Assign the title “Political Greaser” to one of your caporegimes. This title allows you to gain more influence based on every soldato you have in an upper-class neighborhood.

  • Play as the Donano family. They pay slightly less when bribing a political figure.

  • Climb the Commission rankings. Higher ranks will earn more from bribes.

We hope this gives everyone an insight into how you can use political figures to your advantage! Thanks for joining us. Have questions or want to keep in touch? Follow us on social media @TheCommissionOC or join our newsletter. Help support the game by giving it a wishlist on steam!

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