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The Commission 1920 To Be Released On February 11th

302 Interactive is pleased to announce we will be working with 2: 30 AM studios to release the turn-based mafia strategy game The Commission 1920 on February 11th on Steam next month. The game will also be showcasing a demo of the game during the Steam Festival just before release.

“Hi all, we are happy to say that The Commission 1920 is nearing completion! It’s been quite a journey, one that started with the release of the original game in 2018, and only made possible by your support. We are still hard at work making sure that The Commission 1920 is balanced and bug-free, and we hope you enjoy the finished product!” – Zachary, Lead Developer

The Commission 1920 is a complete revamp and reimagining of their original mafia game, The Commission: Organized Crime Grand Strategy. Players are placed in the fictional city of New Shore in the roaring 1920s where you play as a Don of a mafia family. The goal is to manage your resources and exert your influence on the city to remove competing powers using violence, politics, and careful investment of illegal rackets.

You’ll be able to choose one of five families, each with its own perks and characteristics, you’ll also have a wide variety of illegal rackets to invest in based on historical mafia activity in the Prohibition era. You can start several campaigns in your efforts to be the top boss in The Commission rankings.

302 Interactive shares some notable highlights that will be new with the game such as but not limited to; gathering intel on opposing families which could lead to getting access to an opponent’s inner circle, assigning titles to your caporegimes, helping with their agendas, unlocking journal entries that contain hidden messages or the inside scoop of each families history and more.

The Commission 1920 will be available on steam for PC on February 11th. You can join the family on Discord, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit or Instagram.

Wishlist the game today to get notified on release!

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