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Community Update #7

Hi everyone! The holidays are almost upon us, if you haven’t already you can help the 302 team by wishlisting The Commission 1920. Wishlists help indies like us tremendously and really makes a difference (especially with pleasing the steam algorithm Dons)!

We have some awesome news to share, we’ll be participating in the next Steam Festival! This means you’ll be able to check out a demo of the Commission 1920 shortly before its release.

Demo Deets

The demo consists of a small part of the game to give you a good idea of what the full game is like. You’ll play as the Calessi family vs the Bogiana family in a 1v1 campaign. The map consists of Dreyer Square borough and 8 neighborhoods. The campaign will last for 100 turns, after which, you will see if you achieved a higher Commission ranking than your opponent!

Something to keep in mind, you will not be able to save or load campaigns in the demo and won’t be able to unlock journal entries. But you will be able to do this in the full game :)

We hope everyone enjoys the game and would love to hear everyone's feedback. We’ll keep you posted on updates as they come in.


We recently ended our Open Alpha and got some amazing feedback from everyone. BIG thank you for everyone’s continued support. The team will be working on addressing the feedback, bugs and updates.

Speaking of’s what we’ve been up to since our last community update!

We’ve been working on a TON of quality of life, UI, and art updates. Here are a few:

  • Portraits: Dons, Generic Units, Mayor, District Attorney, and more!

  • Top Bar Rework:

    • Family Emblem, Turn Display, and Funds Display have had their placement adjusted.

    • Collected Intel for all families is now conveyed on Top Bar.

    • Overview Panel buttons are moved to the Top Bar.

    • Overview Panel buttons now show additional information for each system.

    • Family Tree button now shows number of units, associates, and whether any unit should promote additional subordinates.

    • Assignment button now shows unassigned units.

    • Rackets button now shows whether racket investments can be redeemed for a perk.

  • Territory Panel: received a complete redesign that removes foldout groups in favor of showing all neighborhoods in button form.

  • Assignment Conveyance on Map Icons: Map icons for neighborhoods and boroughs now display all assigned units. Additionally, animated arrows will indicate whether an allied unit is arriving at the assignment, or leaving to another assignment.

  • And more!

Thanks for reading and as always feel free to connect with us on social media.

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