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Game Announcement: The Commission 1920

Good news, the books are opening up! The Commission: Organized Crime is expanding with a professional remaster. The five families are seeking out promising new leadership. They’re looking for level-headed loyalty with the power moves to match. So, it’s time for decisions, decisions. Who’s your clan? How will you run your administration? Prepare to get your hands dirty in the criminal mafia world because the action begins later this summer. And remember, there’s always room for one more in the family.

From New Shore with love…

As you may have already guessed we have a love for the strategy and grand strategy genres. The 302 and 2:30AM teams have hundreds of hours on titles like Europa Universalis, Hearts of Iron, Total War, Age of Empires, etc. The Commission and Commission 1920 are our dive into the genre. We have matured a bit as a studio since our last release, taking lessons learned, feedback and reviews into consideration. We are excited to apply all of these things to this next iteration.

A word from our team and our Lead Developer, Zachary Goodless,

"I’d like to give a huge thanks to everyone who played the original Commission. It’s been hard work, but I’m excited for you all to see the definitive version of the game, based on your feedback and our own internal wishlist of features. Hope you’re all equally as excited to revisit the city of New Shore!"

The Commission is a turn-based grand strategy game where you play as one of many mafia families operating in the city of New Shore. Invest in illegal rackets and recruit associates into your family. Will you take to the streets and claim your territory through brute force? Or will you be an unseen influence, bribing city politicians into your grasp? Either way, climb the ranks of the Commission and become the boss of all bosses!

The Commission 1920

The Commission 1920 gets a new logo! In this iteration, we take inspiration from 1920’s art deco elements. Mafia life is violent and in those days it was even more so. We’ve added the Cityscape of New Shore and blood splatters to represent the violent history of the mafia. Although The Commission 1920 is a re-imagining of the previous game we still wanted to incorporate the older game’s art deco elements. You’ll see a similar style in the updated logo.

What’s new?

The Commission 1920 will be released with a number of improvements and new features.

Rackets (illegal activities which generate profit) and traits have been rebalanced, with some new ones to discover!

Want to dig up some dirt on other families? You can now gain intel on opposing families and target enemy units for assassination or recruitment. You can also reward units for their hard work by assigning titles, granting benefits, but also fueling the jealousy of their disloyal peers.

Caporegimes are the direct subordinates of the Don, and are in charge of recruiting your family’s forces. You can manage their unique agendas to keep the cash flowing!

In The Commission 1920, the Commission ranking system has been completely reworked! The families of New Shore are now ranked among mafia families from across the country. Those who manage to stand out among the 14 families will reap the benefits. Strive to be the boss of all bosses, and solidify your legacy within mafia history!

Stay Tuned!

Tip your newsboys and read your daily newsfeeds for more information and updates about The Commission 1920. We will continue to provide intel via blogs, dev logs, newsletter‘s, our studios’ website, and our various social media channels. As development continues, we would love to address any questions/feedback you may have about the upcoming release.

Give us a shakedown. We promise not to order any messages through the mouth. We would love to hear your thoughts and input about the coming game release. Consider this an offer you can’t refuse, an opportunity to possibly change the course of history (or feature in the game).

Thank you again for your continued support, as we all look forward to getting our hands dirty!


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